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Teachable Moments on the Power of Societal Oppression

Teachable Momentson the Power of Societal OppressionUsing three 2009 stories in the news (find links to each story at the end of this submission) During our workshop, Beyond Diversity 101 (BD101) we practice distinguishing between the personal (INDIVIDUAL), the GROUP/institutional and the SOCIETAL.We encourage seeing and naming - what is happening and what has happened on each of these three levels.The practice of seeing and naming is terribly important if we are to heal as a people, as a society.Denial and confusion - the resistance to see and know - are the fallback positions that protect and maintain systems of domination.  To acknowledge a breech between who we believe ourselves to be and what we actually do, to acknowledge such a breech might suggest that we turn our worlds upside down and do things differently.So, in any system of oppression there is a great investment in not seeing.
I often say that if a person can only work on one skill, I would suggest the ski…

From my young sister, Carly

Advice to Self in the On-Going Work for Peace and Social Justice  [By Carly Frintner...check her out at:] Advice to Self in the On-Going Work for Peace and Social Justice
Do not ask, “Am I enough?”
Instead claim that you are,
Believe that you are,
And live up to all that means.
Do not ask, “Am I strong enough?”
Know you are strong enough and you will be given strength for the journey
There will be times when you feel you can’t go on,
There will be times when you have used every last resource;
Trust that you will be given strength anew,
To do things you never thought possible,
In the name of an ever-higher power,
And in the name of an ever-higher Love.
Do not ask, “Am I good enough?”
For to ask this is to ask the same of anyone,
And I Know that we were all born good,
And that we all do the Best We Can,
Every minute of every day,
Even if we are not living up to our own expectations for ourselves, our families, our loved ones, our friends,
We know…