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Equity Work is Healing Work (Part 2)

 [In the previous (Nov. 12) blog post, I talked about the connection I see between justice work and healing work – acknowledging the reality that our society is built upon acts of brutality and actively maintains systems of domination. I promised to next offer practical steps for dismantling oppression and to create and sustain liberation for all.I hope that you will take one or two of these to begin practicing within your movement or organization. Please do share what you learn!]
EQUITY WORK IS HEALING WORK (PART 2) Important and critical practices for any group intending equity and justice falls under what I’ve named: Systematic Repair – Living Equity.These are concrete steps that, through practice, cultivate a culture of truth – a repaired foundation upon which we can institutionalize equity and justice.
Systematic Repair Practices 1.Make sure that your team has as a part of its training (as early in its development as possible) a clear framework for understanding the difference betw…