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IT’S HEARTWORK! ~ To the July, 2017 BD101 Circle

I continue to be ever so blessed to facilitate 5-day Intensives called Beyond Diversity 101 (BD101).  This July's cohort came with its own flavor.  It is always that way.  If feels like a miracle of Creation - how each one of us, each group, each family or tribe has its own flavor, its own fragrance, its own vibration.  I wrote this piece following the particularities that I sensed from this precious and fierce group.  Grateful for the honor of working with you.  Ase


So, you were the ones that showed this time
In and out of flow, you kept your gaze turned inward
In toward this group be-coming tribe, be-coming community

How I would have loved for us to hold this gaze even longer
To test the fabric of our holding…Stretching and stretching
to its furthest points ~ Breaking our hearts over and over again

You were the ones who showed up this time, who showed time that it does not determine 
the beloved communion’s unfolding.    If time were in control, we would be damned for s…