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My letter to Obama ~ Repeated here by popular demand

Thank you for coming to Chester Barack Obama ~ Niyonu D. Spann (October 27, 2008) Thank you for coming to Chester Barack Obama. In all the rain and wind – with no fancy introduction by the Governor or Mayor or anybody actually. I saw you with the rain rushing across your lips – that people watching on TV could not see. I wanted some sort of shelter for you but then; I saw the rightness of it all. Standing in man-made shelter has never been your calling. Thank you for standing in Chester with the same plantedness as you have and will on the White House floors that so many of our ancestors offered a spotless appearance. We may not be the poorest city that you visited or the blackest city or the one with the least shelter or acknowledgement but surely Chester is one of the most. But you knew that and you showed. As we stood on the mud-filled lawn after traveling round and round corners with a faith that we would get a glimpse of ourselves. (And I chuckled as the women behind said