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--> Yesterday I was in Vermont hanging out at the home of a friend.   The night before, having no phone reception we finally got hooked up to some wi-fi and there it was: I got word of the verdict "on Zimmerman."   I became driven like some homing beacon had been set off.   I had to get out of there.   I had to get to a place where peaceful people could not be at peace with this...where folks did not need to debate "possible angles" of the case...where folks discern and recognize truth and act from there...where folks know what they know and their noses are in good working order and they had smelled this before.   I drove three hours as far as New Haven, grabbed a bite and then continued the next 3 hours to get to LOVE Park.   It didn't matter that the traffic was crazy on the NJ Turnpike because my senses were focused digesting every bit of this horrible awareness.   What some folks don't get is that its not that we are in shock or even surpri