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Greetings dear ones, haven't written on here for a long while (again) but, my son, Tai Amri woke me up with this video rendition to one of my songs.  Here are his words and a link to the video: "11 years ago my mother's singing group, Tribe 1, performed a song called the Saddest Thing about the tragedy of 9/11, and they ended it with a prayer, "Mother/Father help us end this cycle." My life since then has been about just that, trying to end the cycle of violence.  I believe that our destiny is a continuation of the journey of our parents, and their parents, and their parents and so on.   I've created this video from the song of my mother as a small offering to the cause of peace.  May it be found holy and acceptable, and if you should weep, may you weep tears of transformation.  In peace,  Tai Amri"