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Turning my back on Gaza

Here are some of the excuses that I hear going 'round and 'round in my head for not responding to the siege in Gaza: 1. I don't understand the history 2. People have a right to defend themselves 3. I should read a book first about the history before I open my mouth 4. Well, people are dying right here in Chester, PA 5. Maybe they are only exaggerating the number of civilians being killed 6. Well, if Hamas would just stop their violence then the Israelis could be peaceful 7. If I speak out about the injustice that I see there, someone will call me out as a fraud, not really knowing what I'm talking about 8. Other black folk will be looking at me saying, "how do you have time to focus on those people, when our people are so oppressed?" 9. I'll be dismissed so, why bother? 10. It's all too big - too complex - been going on for so long that nobody can speak about it with any clarity - 11. I’m not living in the fear that the Jewish people endure, or the d