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The First BD101-RACE!

--> Greetings Dear Ones, just coming up for rejuvenating air after the most amazing healing circles at the first Beyond Diversity 101 - RACE!   What an honor to be one of the holders of this workshop vision ~ for an equal number of people who identify as white and people who identify as black to go all the way in!   To go down to the roots of what has been and open together to the truth we find there. So, what do we have to lose when we open to seeing, to speaking, to acknowledging?   No, really, what do we have to loose?   What parts of ourselves or our sense of self, starts to come unglued?   Coming unglued is not a cool feeling, period.   No matter what we sense as the precious reward to come on the other side of coming apart…No matter how much we feel the pull to heal – to re-member who we truly are; as the horrific lies fall away, there is a instinctive reflex to hold on to what has given us form or identity.   There is an instinct to hold on to inferiority and th