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--> MY BROTHER, I HEAR YOU (Dedicated to EC, a King) My brother, I heard you when you said what you said… you navigate through arms stretched out for a handshake….inviting your touch, beseeching your presence, your voice - that timbre only my brothers possess. My brother, I heard you when you said what you said.   You spoke out into the room,   parting the great sea of academia.   For a few moments, you opened a channel so that we could hear the muffled screams.    Our screams.   Us, the ancestors yet to come.   You called our attention to the folk songs of those who bushwhack great walkways for our people today, for the elders, for the young.               We diligently practice to soften and open our hearts, calibrate our speech, make ourselves a flexible bridge holding both the anger and the innocence -   a refined instrument of revolution. I heard you, my brother.   I know why your breathing stopped as the picture on the screen unfolded before your eyes