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In honor of the April 19 – 24 BD101 Training for Trainers, 2015

POEM TO MY FELLOW TRAVELERS in the journey to wholeness Ah, you – Ah, you – Ah, you 2015 BD101 TfT folk.   You brought every season,                                                 every color,                                                                                     every prayer. You never let us get complacent.   No stagnant waters….you kept the trouble in the waters, moving stillness, yes ~ but an ever changing stillness. Carried us Home             Home to remember all our relations – and we wanted to run from the fire of their touch.                         Too hot sometimes, easier to cool off elsewhere. Cause, we didn’t want to be mis-taken for such as those, unruly and wounded creatures.   Oh, my arms longed to wrap them in a forever, long-overdue embrace.   But then, I wanted to slap some sense into ‘em first – how dare you set us on this path?! Oh you, most precious and most raw 2015 bunch – how you niggled at the tit,